No ship gets to set sail without a Captain. Arthur started his working life selling pens and paper on trams whilst living on the streets or in the laundry of two strangers in Redfern.

Arthur moved from selling on trams to joining the original Lamson Paragon in 1966. His natural passion eventuated in him driving the industry forward by forming The Australian Institute of Systems Analysts. He defined the curriculum for the first tertiary course for this emerging career path with the then Caulfield Institute of Technology.

Over the years he worked his way up that business before heading up the entire sales effort with near on 400 sales reps. Opportunities arose in his career with the first being the introduction of Mag Stripe Ticketing to Australia in a small factory in St Mary’s. People flew from all over the world to witness this innovation in ticketing. From there Arthur headed up a Public Company called EFTECH and he brought EFTPOS to Australia in the early to mid 80’s. Sadly the stock market crash of 87 saw a major shareholder put a stop to that opportunity even though the original network was laid out. 

Arthur then went back to his colleagues from the original print business, then called MOORE, who wanted to start their own print broking businesses but they needed someone that they could trust to support their efforts. Enter the birth of The Lamson Group. Arthur spent the majority of the first 6 months sleeping at work putting in all kinds of hours to ensure survival and a stable platform for our Group to base itself on.

From those early days Arthur took the business from strength to strength and was fundamental in building the foundations that makes The Lamson Group the business it is today after 30 great years. Arthur drove the diversification program along with a clever tactic by setting up three main businesses so that he, Rodney and Matthew could compete each month. 

Arthur helped his son, Rodney, to develop in to his role today, driving home the values and not-negotiables of The Group. We miss Arthur not being here day to day but of all people who deserve a rest and some relaxation, it's Arthur.  

A business, philosophically, is it's own living thing made up of many stakeholders. It is these stakeholders that make that business tick and decide what it's culture is. We are so grateful for all of the people and Organisations that have been involved with our first 30 years. Special thanks go to those mentioned below.

Behind Arthur, was Jan

We proudly thank and honour Jan, particularly in the first ten years when all businesses are make or break. Behind every great man is a greater woman! Whilst Arthur was sleeping at the office and working hard to build the business, Jan was holding down three jobs as well as keeping Matthew and Rodney in check. Without Jan’s support and efforts later in the business, we would not have made 30 years.

Our Loyal Team

Our team are family and we have all been through so much together. We couldn't serve our Partners without our team who strive every day to get work completed at a high level of quality on time and in full. Our team are our greatest asset and we are grateful not only that each person is on our team, but that we get to spend our days together.

Our Loyal Channel Partners

We want to thank our Channel Partners for their ongoing loyalty and support. We strive to work strategically with our partners. We want to partner tightly so that we just aren't another supplier. To do that we create strategic value and think outside of quoting on portals. We thank the Printers, Print Managers, Copy Shops and Mailing Houses that we have worked with over the last 30 years. Without your support, we wouldn't be here after 30 years.

Our Loyal Supply Partners

It would be hard to drive a successful manufacturing business without a strong supply chain. Our loyal supply partners have stood by us through good times and bad times. We have had our fair share of bad debts and it's our suppliers that trusted us to deliver on our promises. The consistent passion to innovate product and think differently is great to be a part of and we thank our supply partners for their support for our first 30 years!