"Please accept this email as a token of my appreciation in support of the high end digitally printed and bound report this week.
In reviewing our archives this project is arguably the most important and high profile job that the business has undertaken, which would not have been a success had in not been for the CM team.
The support during the sales engagement, through production and on to delivery has been of the highest level.
Put simply a massive thank you and it is great to be working with such an awesome team and please thank the extended CM team as well. "

"We have been working with Lamson Paragon for a number of years and have always been impressed by their commitment to quality, service and personal attention in meeting our print requirements. We value their expertise which has allowed us to lower our print costs and consequently improve service to our clients and look forward to continuing the relationship."

"We have been using Lamson Paragon for more years than I can remember. In this time the team there has always exceeded my expectations. My questions are always answered in a prompt manner and I am yet to find better value for money from any other supplier. I would happily recommend Lamson Paragon to anyone."

"Having dealt with the Lamson Group for the best part of 20 years I can attest to their
excellent levels of service,quality and professionalism"

"We have been a customer of Lamson Paragon for many years.

The people at Lamson’s have always been accessible, helpful and professional in their dealings with our company. As a trade only supplier we have found Lamson’s to be reliable, affordable and able to handle the inevitable challenging situation.

Lamson Paragon is a preferred supplier to our company."

"I have been a customer of the Lamson Group for over twenty years. During this period a solid partnership has been established that far exceeds the normal supplier and customer relationship.
The extensive industry experience of Arthur and Rodney Frost provide a real competitive advantage when you are looking for that point of difference in securing that elusive order. The Lamson Group are one of the few remaining trade only suppliers and from a distributors point of view it is nice to know you accounts are safe."

"We have used Cheque-Mates for overflow work on a number of occasions. We have established a comfortable working relationship and Cheque-Mates have never let us down….we have even recommended them to other mail houses that have come to us looking to outsource their overflow work."

"The Cheque-Mates team has been providing us with excellent quality service, fast turnaround times and always happy to accommodate request even at the last minute. They are a much valued partner in our busy industry."

"Our industry is crowded with people who make wild claims about what they can do – we’ve found that only Cheque-Mates actually does the job, quietly and efficiently week after week."

"An absolute pleasure to deal with Rodney & his team. Over the short period (12 months) dealing with them they have actively helped increase Sales for 2 of my major clients (one of them by about 50%) & I haven’t yet scratched the surface. Timely response, forward thinking company with a great solutions mentality & Hassle Free production, I cannot recommend highly enough."

"I just wanted to thank all at Cheque-Mates printing for their valuable service as a supplier to us. The service provided is generally greater than expected and has remained professional and proactive over the time I have been dealing with them. Many an improvement has been made to our business as well as fostering a greater relationship between the two companies and my clients expectations."

"I would like to say that Cheque-Mates have the mindset that "nothing is impossible" and that they will complete a job (be it laser, inkjet, mail process, shrink wrap or handline) within tight timeframes. Nothing is a problem and nothing is too hard for them. They process our jobs quickly with professionalism and a sense of urgency and are quick to react to any problems that may arise, alert us and offer a solution. All the staff at Cheque-Mates are a pleasure to deal with."

"Cheque-Mates provide a fast, efficient service and always provide advice on how best to execute a job to fulfill style and budget requirements. The team at Cheque-Mates are always willing to provide assistance whether it is attending meetings with clients to further explain applications or information and advice on emerging technologies"

"I would like to say a very big thank you to the whole team at Cheque-Mates for the massive effort put in on our client's current promotion which launches this Monday. Jobs arrived this afternoon, a day early! It’s very much appreciated. A great service and commitment."

"Paper Rolls are the number one paper specialists.
We have been dealing with them for many years.
Their quality products and friendly Customer
Service are the qualities that make our relationship great."

"It is with great pleasure to say that the level of service is above and beyond from the time that an order is placed to the time of delivery and the experience has been exemplary. I would highly recommend Paper Rolls Australia Pty Ltd to anyone that requires the use of their products."

"Paper Rolls Australia provides a very reliable service tailored to the needs of our business. We’ve been customers for many years and have always appreciated the customer focus and professionalism."

"I can’t say enough about the staff at Paper Rolls Australia. The service they’ve provided our business is the absolute best. Always prompt, always professional and always proactive."

"Friendly, well informed staff who are able to respond quickly and efficiently to all inquiries, quotes and orders. They make a point of trying to get to know the individual demands of your business and to accommodate these needs to the best of their capacity."

"Bingo Australia has been a customer of Paper Rolls Australia Pty Ltd since June 2006 and we have nothing but praise for the way they run their business which is with a very curious and professional nature.
The Staff know their products and quick to help out with any queries that we may have.  Paper Rolls Australia Pty Ltd always has the stock on hand and delivery is supplied either the same day or at the latest the following day.
We do not have any hesitation in recommending them to any of their potential customers."

"Bardalla Business Forms has been using Lamson Group for over 19 years now for all our print requirements plus more! The team at Lamson Group continually focus on our business needs with a service offer and flexibility that is second to none. At Bardalla Business Forms we have a wide variety of needs from a trade supplier that includes Continuous Forms and Cheques, Unit Sets, Laser Forms and Cheques Pads, Books, Docket Books, Security Envelopes, Barcoded Documents, Labels etc. Each of our orders and requests are handled with arguably the best turnaround time in the market, competitive pricing and consistent professionalism, support and service from Arthur ,Rodney, and the whole team. They are an integral part of our and total business and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a true business partnership."

"We have been a customer of Lamson Paragon for many years.
The people at Lamson’s have always been accessible, helpful and professional in their dealings with our company.
As a trade only supplier we have found Lamson’s to be reliable, affordable and able to handle the inevitable challenging situation.
Lamson Paragon is a preferred supplier to our company."

"After 23 years Lamson are still the ones I trust with my business.
The Lamson team are honest, enthusiastic and loyal.
Whatever your concern they tackle it head on, no problem is too great and no issue too trivial.
As a customer, they continually look for new ways to improve their offering to you, be it in traditional print or one of the new technology services that they now offer.
I have no hesitation in recommending Lamson Paragon to those who require service in the area of print, mail and business communications."

"Having dealt with Arthur & his team for something like 13 odd years now I have always found the quality of print jobs & customer service to be absolutely exceptional am looking forward to continuing that involvement with the opening up of other markets in what they offer"

"DMC Group is one of Australia leading print managers and has been operating in this space for 18 years.
We have had a long standing professional working relationship with Arthur Frost and Lamson Paragon for all of those years.
Arthur was the pioneer and leader of our industry and for that we relied very heavily on his support and guidance to help our industries grow.
As a supplier, they were entrusted and empowered by us to produce and manage some very sensitive and critical jobs for our customers.
They have been diligent, efficient and effective with all the work that we have put through them.
The team at Lamson Paragon have always been supportive and proactive in everything that they do, which enables DMC to deliver what we promise to our clients.
It has been a real pleasure of ours having Lamson Paragon, Arthur and Rodney Frost as one of our trusted third party suppliers"

"We have been in business for 29 years and for the last 20 years have dealt with Lamson Paragon. They are a pleasure to work with and we appreciate and value the long and mutually successful relationship. I would highly recommend partnering with Lamson."

"To whom it may concern
I have found Lamson Paragon to be a quality, cost effective, print partner with an excellent rate of achieving or bettering the requested delivery date.
Their system confirms the details at every stage of the order process.
Their customer service and follow up is second to none.
I would have no problems recommending Lamson Paragon as a print partner."

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