Supporting Cancer Research in Memory of Mr. Peter Hicks


“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and twice as beautiful as you'd ever imagined.”

In January 2019 The Lamson Group sustained a devastating loss via the passing of Mr. Peter Hicks to Cancer.

We immediately wanted to grow our support for Cancer Research and decided to support both The Cancer Councils Relay for Life event and Avners Foundation with all of the great work that they continue to do.

Cancer Council - Relay for Life


Relay For Life is a community fundraising challenge, with all funds raised going towards Australia’s leading cancer charity, Cancer Council. Underpinned by research, 61,000 Australian lives have been saved by improvements in cancer prevention, screening, and treatment over the past 20 years.


Relay For Life is a chance for communities to recognise and celebrate those who have overcome cancer or are undergoing treatment, as well as the people who care for them. Relay also provides an opportunity to celebrate the memory of loved ones lost to cancer.

When you make a donation to Relay For Life, you are helping The Cancer Council support families affected by cancer when they need it most, speak out on behalf of the community on cancer issues, empower people to reduce their cancer risk, and find new ways to better detect and treat cancer.


The Cancer Council work throughout metropolitan, regional, rural and remote NSW, so the money you raise will directly benefit your local community. Working in local communities means we can deliver programs and services that best meet the needs of each community. The Cancer Council also partner with community-based organisations and health services to support local communities.

It is also the only organisation in Australia that works across every area of cancer, across all aspects of the cancer journey – from research and prevention, through to information, support services and advocacy programs.


With your help, we’re getting closer to a cancer-free future.


For more information, you may visit their website by clicking the link below.



Scaling New Heights for Pancreatic Cancer - Avner Foundation

Currently, we are sponsoring Brian for his endeavor to support the need for awareness for Pancreatic Cancer together with Avners Foundation.


On the 29th September 2019, Brian Nicolle and his team will leave Sydney, bound for the Himalayas!


They will trek across the highest mountain range on Earth to highlight the drastic need for increased public awareness and funding for Pancreatic Cancer.


You can also support them by clicking the link below.


Link: Everest Base Camp 2019

Over 3,200 Australians are diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer every year. Of those, only 8% will live beyond 5 years.

The core mission of the Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation is to improve the survival rates of Pancreatic Cancer patients. Avner is achieving results through a strategic focus on raising awareness and investing in ground-breaking medical research to improve treatment.


The Avner Foundation is the only charity in Australia exclusively dedicated to Pancreatic Cancer. Avner invites you to join us on the journey to improve survival rates and the quality of life for the thousands of Australians affected by this disease every year.


Cancer is a despicable, overwhelming disease that's still frustrating doctors and nurses, as well as their patients. But through all the tests, hospital stays, surgeries, chemotherapy and side effects of cancer, a powerful and uplifting network of people has also flourished. These people have opened up to their families and the public to share their fear and shock during diagnosis, physical burdens during treatment, and struggles to get back to a more normal life once they've kicked cancer out, hopefully for good.


Connect with patients who are going through similar experiences to find support and tips for their own journey.


Everyone's path is a little bit different but by showing your support someone else may benefit from knowing they are not alone in this path.


For more information, you may visit their website by clicking the link below.



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